Statutory Audits

are the core substance of all auditing activities. Our task is to ensure the accuracy of the financial statements in all material respects.

We can do much more than just provide our clients with an audit report and an invoice for it. You can ask us for advice whenever questions arise, and when there is still an opportunity to make a difference.

We primarily safeguard the interests of entrepreneurs and owners, support the company’s active management, and ensure that stakeholders also receive accurate and reliable information about the company.

Grant Audit Reviews

We audit grant settlements from institutional funders such as Business Finland, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, STEA, and Finnfund. Our strengths lie in solid expertise and natural communication with both you and the funder. As the old saying goes: asking questions leads to clarity.

We support you throughout the grant process, and if you have any questions in the early stages of the process, you can contact us right away.

Accounting and Consolidated Financial Statement Advisory

Sometimes accounting causes headaches even for professionals, and especially preparing a consolidated financial statement can be quite a cumbersome task. We can help you with both issues, as we have extensive experience in auditing groups of various types and sizes as well as in preparing financial statements.

We have solid experience from “both sides of the table,” allowing us to view challenges from a broad perspective and provide accurate and practical advice.

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IFRS Advisory

We have experience in both preparing and auditing IFRS financial statements, so we understand the requirements and practices that compliance with IFRS standards entails.

We are not aiming to position ourselves as auditors for large publicly traded companies, but IFRS questions often arise, for example, with subsidiaries of international groups or companies whose business involves international financial reporting. Additionally, companies whose shares or bonds are transitioning to public trading must start complying with IFRS standards. If these issues are relevant to you, please contact us.

Financial Management Services

You get what you monitor. Is the regular review of financial matters, budgeting, and cash flow forecasting with a good partner a service your company needs?

We can assist with budget preparation and meet monthly, update the cash flow forecast, and delve into your company’s numbers together. With the right metrics, managing a company shifts from looking in the rearview mirror to looking forward.

Special Audits

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, and an organization may encounter serious financial difficulties, which could lead to corporate restructuring or bankruptcy. We provide assistance with the special audits required in these situations.

Whether your matter concerns auditing, financial forecasting, or preparing financial statements, feel free to contact us.