Expertise deepens trust.

Auditing increases stakeholders’ trust in the company, identifies errors that could cause financial losses, and above all, the auditor can support the company’s management by ensuring the accuracy of financial information.

The reliability of auditing is not built by hiding behind a rigid veil of expertise, at least not in our opinion. If auditing must be a rigid industry, then we are probably in the wrong field. However, our customers strongly disagree, as our business is growing. We are trusted, and our expertise and the advice we provide are valued.


Audit Services

Auditing is an expert service that involves the statutory examination of a company and its management. When the audit is conducted in good cooperation, the benefits are manifold and provide the company’s owners with diverse information about the company’s financial situation. Based on the audit, we can also offer advice that can bring clear financial benefits to the company.

Our audit services:

Statutory auditing
Grant audit reviews
Special audits
Subsidiary group reporting audits

Financial and Advisory Services

We are able to provide clear advice and solution proposals to support our clients’ decision-making.

Our financial and advisory services include:

Financial management services
Corporate restructuring advice
Accounting and Consolidated Financial Statement Advisory

IFRS advisory services
Valuations and tax advisory

Good expert help is just a phone call or an email away.

    Valuable advice and financial benefit.


    Digital Audit Company

    Digital Audit Company Oy was born from the desire of three innovative entrepreneurs to join forces and create a truly digital auditing community. We aim to be drivers of digital development, with our expertise evident in everything we do.

    We have learned to find and identify partners who, through their actions, help clients achieve their goals. Through our network of partners, we strive to find the best expertise for each need and situation.